Imagination in Group Therapy

Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~George Scialabba

My utilization of creativity in group therapy is to entice the imaginations of clients to explore the mystery for the endeavor in itself, in addition to harvesting its potential for healing, especially when play is the primary focus. While upholding the premise that creativity is a confluence of various human qualities and conditions, as a group leader, my role is to maximize the potential for creativity to blossom in each member, encouraging exploration of one’s unique capacities in an environment that is fecund with acceptance for the person and nurturing of the imagination. As the group develops trust, openness and empathy, allowing time for processing at the end of play sessions will be a key factor in building cohesion. Once the group itself becomes that vehicle for dynamic play, I sensitively extend more power to the group and allow the sparks of creative energy to grow while fanning their flame within a safe play space.

Creative Mothers is a new therapy group meeting once a week for 12 weeks at Soma Vida in Central East Austin on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 beginning in Feb.
For more information, please contact Illysa at or 512.809.3132.  Read more about Creative Mothers here and learn more about the therapist at

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Illysa Foster

Illysa is a psychotherapist, midwife, educator, dancer and author. She currently provides psychotherapy in Austin and San Marcos, Texas to individuals, groups, couples and mother-baby dyads. Also a lecturer at Texas State University, Illysa helps students prepare to provide services for children and families. Licensed as a psychological associate under the supervision of Dr. Joellen Peters, Illysa offers somatic, depth and creative arts therapies to integrate the mind/body and soul.

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